One hundred and three years ago the New York State Legislature impeached the sitting governor of New York. We believe it is time for history to repeat itself.

There is one man standing between a New York we can be proud of and succeed in and the pit of corruption that has only worsened while he has been governor. The Speaker of the State Assembly and the Majority Leader of the State Senate are now convicted felons and have been removed from office.

Two “Amigos” down, one to go.

Now, Cuomo’s former top aide Joe Percoco, a man Cuomo himself once referred to as “my father’s third son and my brother” and longtime Cuomo confidant lobbyist Todd Howe, a man so close to Cuomo that he was the hand model for the official painting of former Governor Mario Cuomo, have been arrested and face what the New York Times has called “sweeping corruption charges”. Senior state official Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, director of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute and the major player in Cuomo’s economic development efforts, has also been indicted.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration is facing a serious corruption scandal and Cuomo expects us to believe that he knew nothing about the activities of his top aide, long time confidant and key economic development official.

It is time for the New York State Legislature to Impeach Andrew Cuomo.

Let your representatives in the State Assembly and Senate know you support Impeaching Andrew Cuomo by signing our petition.